Monday, January 31, 2011

New Years Resolution...a month late

Better late than never...right? I set up this blog 2 years ago....seriously 2 YEARS AGO, and somehow I just kept meaning to write but never was getting to it. So, here it is my 2011 New Years resolution (being made on January 31st).

BLOG, and blog often! I love reading blogs plus I miss the writing that I used to do. I mean what could I possibly have to keep me from blogging....(certainly not my 1 yr old son, working full time, or going to maybe this will be challenging.)

If you are reading this, please feel free to hold me to this resolution. Who knows where "In my head" will go from here but, feel free to stick around :)

Happy Monday to you, and if you are in the KC area..... look out here comes the blizzard!

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