Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a Runner!

Let me just start off by saying, I have NEVER been a runner before! I considered myself to be one of the "I'm only running if someone is chasing me with a weapon" kinda people. Really it was mostly... okay completely about the fact that I am a wuss these days. Anyways..a while back I saw (on FB of course) my childhood BFF was doing the KC Trolley Run, the charity benefits the school her son goes to called CCVI. So, I had a fabulous idea!! I called my Aunt B (just B from here on out), and suggested that she (being the awesome runner that she is) run the 4 miles, and I would push Landon in his stroller for the walking part. B said 4 miles was nothing, and how fun woulf it be to do it together..before I knew it she was online and convincing me that the yellow wave (slow joggers) would be perfect! Somehow before I had thought this threw ;) I was in! We were planning away for the upcoming April 17 2011, KC Trolley Run, umm did I mention it's 4 miles long....75th and Wornall to the Plaza basically." In my head" (up until now obviously) this is clearly a distance for driving! 
So, the training began, I ran everyday at first, then switching to every other day after two weeks. I hurt! Clearly I am more than out of shape! Then my right ankle and knee starting revolting or so it felt like. Apparently a sudden jolt into running may have sped up my psoriatic arthritis....booo, dislike, or feel free to insert your unhappy word of choice! Needless to say the running slowed down greatly and the run day grew nearer! 
Well the day arrived, and my alarm went off at 4:50 am.....yup I', totally serious....and I got up!! We got to the plaza a little after six, took the bus to the starting area, and waited till just before eight to get into place...
We started on time which I'm told is rare, we also started slow because there were so many people in front of us. We finally got going, and the first mile was slow but I almost ran the whole thing!! and actually my pace got better along the way!! I did need to have some walking breaks along the way, but who cares I finished a 4 mile run in 50 minutes and 47 seconds and not once was I wanting for breath!!! I am not only a rock star, I'm a runner!!! And I can't wait to do it again...once my ankle swelling goes down anyway.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A little Friday afternoon vent to clear my head.

Diabetic Vent Alert!

*Disclaimer - I'm not looking for pity or sympathy with this really is just a vent on a less than fantastic day. Should you encounter me on a day when I'm less than my sunshiney, rainbows and sprinkles self this may help you to get why. I know most everyone has something affecting there life and this is simply mine. I hope and pray that one day soon there will be a cure for these and many many other diseases out there that affect people every single day.

Most days I don't think much about what it would be like if I wasn't a Type 1 Diabetic. But every now and then a day comes along where things just don't go according to matter what I eat and even though I take the right amount of insulin, my blood sugar goes through the roof anyway. I have been following it all day, I have checked 6 times so far today, which means at least 3 finger pricks each time since after more than fifteen years of multiple daily finger pricks, most of my fingers don't cooperate any longer (ouch). Current Blood sugar reading.... 440 = VERY BAD, ALERT ALERT...that's what the machine screen should say. It has steadily been rising all day. I just changed my infusion site (place where insulin pump hooks to deliver insulin into my body), so that means yet another "prick" (more like a shot, then the needle comes out and tube stays in)...High blood sugar makes me tired, thirsty, hungry, headache, and just plain a little grouchy.

All this makes me wonder sometimes what it would be like if I wasn't a Type 1 Diabetic. I mean really how different my health would be...Not only would I not be Diabetic, but I wouldn't have Kidney Disease or be Anemic either. I most likely wouldn't have Psoriasis, or Psoriatic Arthritis(newest thing) since along with Diabetes they are all autoimmune diseases. I most likely wouldn't have the High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol (possibly would since these two are hereditary).

Now that I have this off my chest I feel better already, and I'm on to enjoying this beautiful Friday afternoon leading into the weekend!
Hopefully I haven't put a damper on anyones day!!
Feel free to include your own vents, consider this a safe venting place :)