Friday, April 1, 2011

A little Friday afternoon vent to clear my head.

Diabetic Vent Alert!

*Disclaimer - I'm not looking for pity or sympathy with this really is just a vent on a less than fantastic day. Should you encounter me on a day when I'm less than my sunshiney, rainbows and sprinkles self this may help you to get why. I know most everyone has something affecting there life and this is simply mine. I hope and pray that one day soon there will be a cure for these and many many other diseases out there that affect people every single day.

Most days I don't think much about what it would be like if I wasn't a Type 1 Diabetic. But every now and then a day comes along where things just don't go according to matter what I eat and even though I take the right amount of insulin, my blood sugar goes through the roof anyway. I have been following it all day, I have checked 6 times so far today, which means at least 3 finger pricks each time since after more than fifteen years of multiple daily finger pricks, most of my fingers don't cooperate any longer (ouch). Current Blood sugar reading.... 440 = VERY BAD, ALERT ALERT...that's what the machine screen should say. It has steadily been rising all day. I just changed my infusion site (place where insulin pump hooks to deliver insulin into my body), so that means yet another "prick" (more like a shot, then the needle comes out and tube stays in)...High blood sugar makes me tired, thirsty, hungry, headache, and just plain a little grouchy.

All this makes me wonder sometimes what it would be like if I wasn't a Type 1 Diabetic. I mean really how different my health would be...Not only would I not be Diabetic, but I wouldn't have Kidney Disease or be Anemic either. I most likely wouldn't have Psoriasis, or Psoriatic Arthritis(newest thing) since along with Diabetes they are all autoimmune diseases. I most likely wouldn't have the High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol (possibly would since these two are hereditary).

Now that I have this off my chest I feel better already, and I'm on to enjoying this beautiful Friday afternoon leading into the weekend!
Hopefully I haven't put a damper on anyones day!!
Feel free to include your own vents, consider this a safe venting place :)


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  1. I love you Beth! I'm always here if you need me! You're an amazing Mommy!